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Our Services

The Sanctuary at the Burrow can guide you through the journey of dying, death, and beyond. Our foundational purpose is to help educate and renew the richness of tending to our dead. The land that we offer for green burial is the holding place for future generations that tend to our dead assistance with heart-centered alternative services such as massage therapy, energy healing, and gentle guidance with live music and sound. Heart2heartnc is also available to plan and provide burial site services, memorials, and post-burial grief support. 

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Green Burial

The burial ground is approximately two acres adjacent to Sparkroot Farm off of Moncure Pittsboro Road. Green burial is the natural support of after-death options to be buried in the earth with natural provisions.


The body is neither cremated nor prepared with chemicals and is simply placed in a biodegradable coffin or shroud. Our burial sites preserve the natural landscape of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Our land offers food and refuge to birds and other wildlife that inhabit Chatham County. 



Basic Single Burial Package: $4000

* Initial Consultation for Burial Site 

* Gravesite Preparation 

* Provisions used for placing the deceased in the ground

* Natural covering and closing of the gravesite

* Perpetual care and management of the land according to the    by-laws of the Sanctuary of the Burrow.


The consultation is free of charge to help determine if the Sanctuary at the Burrow is the best choice for you and your deceased beloved. If you are preplanning during the dying time and need further assistance please refer to our Death Doula Services under resources. 

The graves are typically marked only by natural materials and is not included in the basic price. The headstone or marker must be made of natural material and no larger than 18 inches X 18 inches and no higher than 6 inches. For dimensions outside of this, the Sanctuary at the Burrow requires approval.


Ceremony Planning

The Sanctuary at the Burrow can help you plan the most simple or elaborate burial for your deceased. heart2heartnc  provides family-centered care and consultation to assist you in developing a meaningful and heart-centered ritual. For more information about these services please contact Sanctuary Director Cathy Brooksie Edwards @ 919-548-4963 or see our resources page for more options. 

The journey starts now before the moment of death. We can assist you in navigating the living path of dying through emotional and spiritual support. There are many community programs where the cultural change of death phobia can be addressed such as Tending to the Heart, Death and Cupcakes, and the annual Death Faire.   

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