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Our Team

The Sanctuary at the Burrow is led by a team of dedicated individuals who tend to this land through their personal obligations to life and death. With the shared resources of many in our community, each burial is serviced with vital behind-the-scenes support. 

In April of 2016, Tami lost her son, Zafer, to a heroin overdose. His burial on their land became the beginning of this journey for the larger community. Tami is a founder of the nonprofit organization Abundance NC - an organization that focuses on renewable energy, local food, and community resilience.

Tami Schwerin   
Sanctuary Founder

In June of 2016, Alisa's husband, Chris, was buried next to Tami's son Zafer. Chris had been suffering from ALS for 11 months and the exploration of his burial site was in progress when Zafer died. Alisa is the founder of Sparkroot Farm -a cultural teaching farm where the truth of living is found through the exploration of our culture and imagination. 

Alisa Esposito
Sanctuary Founder

Cathy is a professional licensed counselor and licensed bodywork and massage therapist. These modalities complement her work as a death doula and executive director for the non-profit heart2heartheart2heart helps individuals, families, and communities navigate the living path from diagnosis to death and beyond. 

Cathy Brooksie
Sanctuary Director 

Janice is inspired by the beauty of nature that enlivens her artistic expression scattered throughout the Burrows. An artist and gardener/landscaper, Janice combines her talents to lovingly care for the sanctuary grounds. She is available to create natural grave markers for your burial site.  

Janice Rieves
Sanctuary Steward 
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