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With permission, we have included the stories of several beloved souls who are buried at the Sanctuary. We thank the families for contributing to this portion of our website.  

Zafer Estill

Zafer Julian Estill.jpg

Zafer Julian Estill was born and raised in the woods of Chatham County where the Sanctuary of the Burrow is located.  He was the first member of the burial ground. Zafer left this world on April 14, 2016. He died in Boulder Colorado at age 19 after smoking heroin and was flown home to be buried. Zafer was a beautiful ambitious rebel. He founded a hemp clothing company in high school because he thought hemp was the future. Zafer was on the wrestling team and was number one on the tennis team at Northwood High School in Pittsboro. Zafer loved to travel, music, cooking, composting, and fast food.  Most of all Zafer loved his family. Z went to Mardi Gras and secretly got a tattoo on his back of the flatirons of Boulder. We honoured Zafer by building the flatirons as his headstone of his grave.

Chris Lucash

Chris Lucash.jpeg


When Chris wasn't tracking or trapping wolves - exposed to the vast, ALS-causing, pesticide sprayed, industrial agricultural fields of eastern NC - he was at home with his family building a homestead. Chris loved his wife and children with a calm, yet fierce dedication. While he died earlier than we all expect to, he showed us how deeply one could live, taught us much in the way of skills and crafts, and encouraged the know-how he had learned. And in the end, when no amount of bargaining would work, he gifted those of us who were blessed with nearness, a profound learning: how to die. He taught us to the end of his days, to the very last moment. And we are grateful.

Chris died peacefully in his sleep on June 4, 2016, one year and two days after his diagnosis. He was surrounded by love at his death, arms encircled, in his own bed at home in Moncure, NC, where he knew the abundant support and care of a community that surrounded him with song and blessing during his dying time.

Christopher Lucash lived deeply with a full energy, with an adventurous spirit. He loved vastly, gave all, and dedicated his life to the care and repair of this broken world. He chose the work of red wolf/endangered species restoration...or perhaps that work chose him. He spent years in the company of wolves, coyotes, bobcats, and bears with a determined heart to end suffering.

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