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A conservation green burial ground and interdisciplinary end-of-life offerings located deep in the pines of Chatham County, North Carolina. 


The Sanctuary at the Burrow is a 501c(3) non-profit, a non-denominational organization.


We provide alternative end-of-life assistance and burial services which honor your health care choices.  


We draw upon the available sources of wealth in our community that supports this sacred process.  

The Sanctuary at the Burrow is a community organization cemetery.  

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Why Green?

Why a Green Burial?



One: The healing process starts sooner. Our culture turned away from natural burial during the American Civil War. Embalming was a way to preserve fallen soldiers in order to transport them home. An industry formed around the logistics of death. However, it created effects such as being removed from the process. This helped create our death phobic society, detachment and denial.


Two: The environment needs us to bury our beloveds with the health of the earth in mind. With an ever increasing population, we currently place almost a million gallons of embalming fluid annually into the earth. When cremation is chosen instead, as a less expensive option, many toxins and heavy metals are released into our atmosphere and the energy required is equivalent to driving 4800 miles.


Three: Green burial is less expensive than traditional burial. Families can choose simple pine or cardboard coffins. Organic fiber shrouds are an option instead of exotic wooden or metal caskets. Green burial gives us a chance to heal, to preserve our environment and is financially better.

There are many reasons to consider a green burial.

Core Values

  • Inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors, we strive to support a natural burial /interment, honoring the dead while comforting the living. 

  • We respect all cultures, traditions and spiritual beliefs.


  • To provide a final resting spot in the earth that is clean, clear and accessible for our beloveds who have died.

  • To assist the family and community in creating a meaningful experience around death and dying.

  • To treat the body of the dead with reverence and respect.


  • Green burial is a safe and legal practice that uses natural containers or shrouds and avoids embalming fluids.

  • We minimize footprints on the natural environment by utilizing simple or minimal process to mark the burial site. 

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